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Various award-winning comedies and dramas for both BBC Radio Four and Audible

Alfred Molina recording “There Used To Be a Me”


BBC Radio 4

This was my adaptation of the classic Spike Milligan novel Puckoon. It’s a satirical take on the 1920’s partition of Ireland, where due to bureaucratic incompetence, a border is being created slap-bang through the centre of the titular rural town, separating married couples, churches from graveyards, and patrons from pubs.

My adaption aired on BBC Radio 4 and is also available on BBC Sounds. In this version, comedian Ed Byrne takes the role of Dan Milligan and the Narrator is Comedy Legend, Barry Cryer.

Directed by Dirk Maggs

ken dodd happipness


BBC Radio 4

This is a comedy drama I wrote about the veteran entertainer Ken Dodd. Set in 1988, the story follows Ken as he faces charges of tax evasion. Originally aired on BBC Radio 4, David Threlfall won BBC Audio Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Ken Dodd.


Directed by Gemma Jenkins

BBC Audio Award Best Actor – David Threlfall
bbc audio drama awards

Spike And The Elfin Oak

BBC Radio 4

This is a comic fantasy inspired by the true story of Spike Milligan’s madcap adventures in the mid-1960’s to preserve the Elfin Oak in Kensington Gardens whilst also performing in the West End run of his play, The Bedsitting Room. First aired on BBC Radio 4.


Directed by Gemma Jenkins

bbc audio drama awards
BBC Audio Award Best Actor – David Threlfall
there used to be a me

There Used To Be a Me


There Used To Be A Me – takes its title from a Sellers quote, “There used to be a me, but, I had it surgically removed.” It was directed and produced by Barnaby Eaton-Jones of Spiteful Puppet Productions.

In There Used To Be A Me, I’ve attempted to examine the man and his work and peer into the mechanisms of his thinking, which, if contemporary reports are accurate, was sometimes wildly awry.


Directed by Barnaby Eaton-Jones

New York Festivals Radio Award Gold Best Digital

new york radio award

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