That's Your Story

“That’s Your Story” is my successful literacy programme running since 2013
“That’s Your Story” is my successful
literacy programme running since 2013
“That’s Your Story” is my successful literacy programme running since 2013

That’s Your Story” is a literacy programme working with primary schools throughout the country to create brand new exciting stories which are rendered in various forms (including books, songs cycles, cartoons) and given back to the participants.

Have a look at some of our brilliant projects below.


That’s Your Story is a literacy programme delivered into schools. It takes many forms and below are a few examples of the different work we’ve been delivering into school to inspiration creativity and imagination.

ian billings book

In 2013 Arts Council England supported a brand new literacy initiative for schools called “That’s Your Story.” Working with eight schools we created character, settings and plots for eight new stories which were illustrated by Hunt Emerson. Each pupil who participated received a copy of the final book.


In 2014 we returned to three schools and created three brand new stories as part of “That’s Your Story.” We created characters, settings and plots for the book and once more the stories were illustrated by Hunt Emerson.

ian billings book

“Were You Really There?” – In 2017 we decided to do things differently and, with funding from Arts Council England, we worked with six schools to create a song cycle. Using abstract arts work by Joan Miro, Patrick Heron,  Anthony Twentyman, Gillian Ayres, Cormac Mckee from Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery we created a series of lyrics inspired by the paintings.

whats your story by ian billings

In 2017 we decided to create some radio plays and, working with five stories in the West Midlands, we created scripts based on their ideas and recorded them with actors Stephan Bessant, Sean Connolly, Rochi Rampal and Ali Belbin.

ian billings book

Once again funded by Arts Council England, Hunt and I created something completely new. In 2019 we challenged schools to come up with ideas for seven comic strips. Together we created the scripts which Hunt Emerson turned into story cartoons.

ian billings podcast

A selection of podcasts I produced in 2020 with pupils from schools throughout Wolverhampton.

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